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What is Educational Mutual Aid?

It is a shared and public Google Drive folder for stakeholders in education to share resources 

2020-21 School Year is ... what it is but unlike last spring, we can have each other!

This is a place where we can drop resources and find resources. 

A free-community-driven, Teachers Pay Teachers if you will.

We hope that this folder is a space of collaboration and support

As we lead up to September, this can also be a spot we can share school reopening plans and information.

Everyone's an editor!

Folx should be able to add resources, move stuff around, and create new folders, on their own.

This is intended as a space for all stakeholders in education (not just teachers) to share any resource you might find helpful. 

Keep in mind this folder is a public space, so only share what you would feel comfortable sharing publically.

Please feel free to reach out with feedback. thoughts, feelings, anything you feel would improve this!

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